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Joyall is shortlisted for an International Loyalty Award

  • Joyall is shortlisted in Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty category at the 2022 International Loyalty Awards.

  • The International Loyalty Awards see their largest number of nominations ever in 2022.

What does Joyall, Lidl, Oracle and Shell have in common?

We’re all finalists in the International Loyalty Awards in the year that saw the committee receive the most entries, ever - 2022!


Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty. Yep. That’s Joyall. And we’re only just getting started.

What do the Awards see in Joyall?

Joyall is all about gamifying the brand experience. Brands get their own custom game to offer their customers real-world rewards for playing and engaging in their content. Tapping into the 7 hours we casual gamers spend on our mobile phones every week, crushing candy, sorting numbers and making words. On top of the hours we spend engaged in bite sized content.

Earning loyalty from customers is all about repeated positive brand engagement. Playing a branded casual game provides good simple fun with positive brand reinforcement. Earning rewards keeps players coming back, not just to the game, but to the brand’s store too.

Games + Content + Rewards = Loyalty 🎉🎉🎉

Gamifying content doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Using Joyall’s in-game currency, Tickets, brands can reward players a few Tickets for every positive interaction: watching a video clip, visiting a web page, answering a poll. All the content that brands spend a fortune creating and we all swipe past, can now be fully enjoyed in return for Tickets to help players level up in their game.

Best of luck to our co-finalists. We’re all winners when we gamify loyalty. Perhaps next year, we’ll be finalists again, but as partners. Imagine a Lidl game promoting the middle aisle; or gamifying what we all do today - trying to fill up to a round number at the Shell station?


About Joyall

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Joyall and we LOVE games ❤️.

Simply put we want to bring “Joy to all” - Journalists included, nice right?! Make sure you let us know where you write about us, so we can send some joy your way too.

The casual gaming market is currently untouched by brands (apart from the occasional short-lived campaign) and with marketing teams increasing their spend in mobile digital and social channels year on year, this is a massive opportunity for brand gamification.

So what are casual games? You know the ones… 🍬🍩🍭 easy to play, surprisingly satisfying and even therapeutic, for when we just need to take some time for ourselves.

With Joyall, brands now have a platform where customers can interact with their messaging & earn real life rewards. The best bit is the player will never pay.

Joyall launches in January 2023, running trials throughout 2022. If you’d like some more information you can find all of our contact details below 👇🏻

For more Information please visit

For Investment opportunities please contact

For Sales and Partnerships please contact

To join the Beta Community please visit


About the International Loyalty Awards

The International Loyalty Awards (formerly the Loyalty Magazine Awards) celebrate excellence, innovation and best practice in the loyalty industry across the whole world. Created by Loyalty Magazine, the Awards have responded to a desire in the loyalty business to celebrate the achievements of those companies and organisations excelling and achieving the extraordinary.

There are a range of categories encompassing the full spectrum of the Loyalty business, which are precise and refreshed annually to ensure their importance. The International Loyalty Awards welcomes entries from organisations or brands which operate in Europe, (Western, Central and Eastern) the Middle East, Africa, India, the whole of Asia, and the Americas – and which interface directly with the customer.

The worthy winners in each category are selected by a judging panel of independent industry experts. The rigorous entry and judging process then culminate in a spectacular evening of celebrations and networking with senior and key players from the loyalty business across the world in attendance. The awards ceremony will be recorded and available to watch online.

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