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Joyall secures strategic partnership with the Wink Group (USA)

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Joyall News

London - United Kingdom. 16 September, 2021.

To help brands capture the attention of the 2.7bn people playing mobile games worldwide, Joyall and the Wink Group have joined forces. There is a huge untapped market opportunity, with the $85bn mobile gaming market projected to grow rapidly in the next few years. Joyall’s unprecedented Loyalty Experience Platform is the perfect tool to support the Wink Group’s mission to deliver innovative and creative marketing campaigns for their roster of high profile brands, reaching this growing audience of mobile gamers.

Together, the two companies will focus on delivering a new advertising channel experience using brand-immersive casual games, which offer players real-world rewards. This perfectly suits the playful and stimulating marketing solutions that the Wink Group devise to engage customers in new ways.

“Playing a branded game on their devices is an innovative way for customers to interact with their favourite brands, and an exciting way for brands to reward loyalty and acquire new customers.” Says Matt Jones Founder and CEO of Joyall. “This is why we have chosen to partner with the Wink Group, as they are a highly innovative marketing agency based in the States - an important growth market for Joyall. We see this as a key strategic opportunity for us to provide the Wink Group’s clients with a truly unique and engaging rewards game which drives customer loyalty, acquisition and promotional activity.”

“We’re thrilled to announce this partnership between Joyall and the Wink Group. We love offering our clients innovative ways to engage consumers and Joyall’s brand-immersive games are the perfect addition to our offering, providing our clients with a leading edge solution to grow their businesses” says Fred Jasinski, CEO at the Wink Group. “We look forward to working closely with Joyall and introducing their unique offering to the US, where I know it will be extremely well received!”

Joyall is a world-first loyalty experience platform that brings brands and their customers together to interact in new ways. Through the app, brands have the opportunity to capture the attention of the people playing mobile games for as many as 7-hours a week.

Joyall is currently developing their self-service platform that will let brands and advertisers manage their own games, content and rewards and create meaningful and targeted interactions with customers, informed by rich analytics. On the platform, companies will enjoy full control of their brand, assets and data and have a variety of options to express their creativity. Partners, such as the Wink Group, harness this creativity in abundance, using the platform to provide their clients with fresh campaigns that entice their customers with new and heightened value experiences, offering real-world rewards.

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About Joyall

Joyall Ltd is a first-of-its-kind Loyalty Experience Platform provider that offers brand-immersive casual games and content with real-world rewards. Based in the UK, Joyall operates at a unique juncture of game publishing, brand engagement and customer loyalty. By creating branded casual games, Joyall provides a cost-effective media platform capable of hooking customers in for hours a week, to casually consume branded content that drives deep customer engagement, and rewards positive loyal behaviours. For more Information please visit

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About Wink Group

The Wink Group is a leading US-based marketing agency. How we do that makes us a little unique. In an age when customers hunger for new and heightened value experiences, we marry industry wisdom with both digital and analog concepts to create playful, and often sensorial marketing solutions that engage customers in new ways. But it’s not just our thinking that makes us unique. Unlike other agencies, we can also serve as a “connector” to resources and suppliers who can help you turn those ideas into market realities. Importantly, we’re a tight group of experienced individuals who are experts in our respective fields. We’re all about enhancing bottom-line cash flow and accelerating top line growth for our clients.

We’re also about making the process fun. Because life is short, and great things happen when work feels like play. For more information please visit

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