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Stop playing around and make a game

Why campaign games fail and brand loyalty games succeed.

Brands are acutely aware that the latest trend to engage customers is games. Not only are Gen-Alpha and Gen-Z hardwired to see their world as one long game; Millennials are the generation that gamified that world; and the older we get, the more likely we are to play casual games.

53% of all adults, of all age and gender, play casual games on their mobile devices for upto 7-hours per week - and it's a growing market.

Whilst Facebook throws everything behind the metaverse, brands are playing with crudely built short lived campaign games that are no more than a grab for email addresses. With the lure of a prize, after entering unverified personal information, players get to catch a festive bauble or jump to collect chocolate eggs. 20-seconds of mediocre ‘fun’ (?) that leaves a customer feeling duped rather than engaged.

Examples of low quality campaign games - reindeer catching wreaths; Santa's slay catching envelopes; rabbit jumping up on to pens to collect chocolate eggs.

Don’t be embarrassed if this is you. We understand. There is a lot of pressure on you to deliver games to your customers… but it’s not what you do. You sell widgets. Your agency makes your widgets tantalising. Your customers’ love you for your widgetry. The reality is that you don’t have someone to help you engage your customers in games that celebrate that widget-love. Until now.

Casual gamers invest time in learning a game; building capital in the game (in-game currency, boosters and badges); and work tirelessly to develop skill. Casual games are habit forming. A typical game will last no more than a few minutes. It’s a snackable event in your day. Something to do whilst waiting for the bus. A distraction whilst waiting for the advert break to finish. A way to switch off.

As a brand, this is what you want. You want your customers to engage with you throughout their day, whilst waiting on that bus. You want to be their distraction. Their habit. You want them so engrossed in you that you stay top of mind.

It’s this that made Joyall®. We’ve got you. Let us show you how to make games a cornerstone of customer engagement; how to gamify all that content that gets swiped past in your social channels; and how to make your brand a part of your customers’ everyday.

For more information on Joyall®, games and gamification contact Let's play - for real!

See how Cuddledry® are using Joyall® to reach their customers

Matt Jones - Founder + CEO Joyall Ltd

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