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Why are games so hot?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Why are games so hot in media and loyalty right now?

Joyall Perspectives

We’re Joyall and we love games - just putting it out there up front.

Games are hot right now. Gamification is tipped as an emerging trend in Loyalty, and earned its own category in the Loyalty Magazine Awards, supported by a plethora of “gamified” offerings. Similarly, the power of games as a high value digital media property is emerging. The migration to mobile has enabled explosive growth in gaming and e-sports, and now accounts for more than half of the UK’s entire entertainment market drawing audiences away from traditional media.¹

Is the hype around games justified? Here’s 3 compelling reasons why games could play a part in your brand and loyalty strategy - apart from having fun - which is a great reason all on its own.

  1. The UK is a nation of gamers:² This isn’t a niche opportunity, it’s mainstream and it’s diverse. Over half the UK's population enjoy casual games, with Match-3 type games top of the popularity charts such as Candy Crush whose parent, King, makes £1.6bn from in-game purchases a year.¹ Casual games are played by men and women pretty much equally and across all age categories. US data suggests that gamers are skewed to higher income bands too.

  2. Time: Casual game players spend up to 7 hours a week immersed in gameplay. It’s hard to think of a digital engagement media that can come close to this, and do it each week.

  3. Positive attention: it’s not just time, it’s quality time, players enter states of deep concentration, release dopamine, and are alert to learning new things and making sharp memories, all within a halo of rewarding game play.

All this evidence (and our love of games) has led us to develop a new type of games platform. We see a world where customers choose to immerse themselves in a game environment devoted to your brand. The game is yours and all the advertising slots are yours, and you manage the reward dynamic. We provide all the resulting data.

That’s a game dedicated to your brand, not ads inserted into someone else’s game. You control what ads appear where and you can present rewards of your choosing within the game: maybe a boost in gameplay, or a “real-world” reward.

So if you’re looking to shake up your current loyalty programme, or for a new way to power your digital engagement and foster emotional and transactional loyalty, Joyall games could well be the right option for you.

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Deb Corless - Board Advisor, Joyall Ltd



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